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photos of reaL  india






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About the Photographer


Hello, my name is Renny


Well, I first arrived in India on the 3rd  of September 1988 and I was instantly captivated by this country. Its not for the fainthearted, yet even for those it just pulls you in.


I think what helps in that area is photography, it certainly has helped me. I enjoy & need what photography brings, it doesn’t push or put up a barrier between you and  others, if you ask me it does the opposite.


Yes, this land is a photographers paradise, and it is this that has inspired me to create my site.


Everywhere you go, every place you visit is a photo opportunity and even better, people cant wait to be involved.


It doesn’t matter what camera you use, top  of the range SLR, or a cheap disposable, the end result is a memory, a story, an unforgettable image to treasure.


Of course, I hope these images are good to look at. But also I would like to think they will make you ask questions about the sub-continent, its people, places and culture.


I have captured an array of thought provoking photographs. India is not just about the beautiful tourist attractions, look further in to the REAL INDIA, poverty, riches, vibrancy and the people, all of which make this amazing Country a pleasure to capture.